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  1. Wow, is this a new format? It's really cool
  2. I used KOR 3DS and KOR Pokemon Sun Moon game cards.
  3. Additional Information Species: Mew Level: 5 Abilities: Synchronize Moves: Pound Held Item: None Ball: Cherish Ball Ribbon: Premier
  4. Mew is the most popular Pokemon in Korea with Pikachu, Snorlax. I also like Mew very much. This is awesome!
  5. I know I can only get Pokemon Egg once a day. Probably because of Wonder card ID. There will be difficulties due to a lot of waiting time and random distribution of six kinds, but I have a good plan.
  6. I will try hard
  7. This is Pokemon Korea's advanced technology
  8. I had to stand in line for a very long time to get Shiny Tapu Koko. I don't know why I do infrared distribution. Infrared makes people tired. More people will come because the event will take place during the Korean holiday season. Please use local wireless!
  9. Can you tell me where 'WC6 Patcher' is? I really want it
  10. Thank you! Do you know how to modify the Date set in the wc7 file?
  11. Nintendo 3DS date - 11/20/2016 Event Gallery wc7(Wonder card ID 1601) file import and receive. Pokemon(Munchlax) Met date - 11/20/2016 Mystery gift - Wonder card Album; Date Received - 11/26/2016 Pokemon Met Date is synchronized with the console date, But, Mystery Gift - Wonder card album; 'Date Received' is not synchronized to the console date. Is there any function that can modify 'Date Received(of Wonder card Album)'?
  12. I'm wondering if I can modify the date that I received wonder card when I import wc7 from Pokemon sun save file. I set the date as 11/20/2016 on my Nintendo 3DS, imported wc7 file, and found out the Pokemon Met Date wasn't matching with the date I received wonder card - it was recorded as 11/26/2016. I personally think the setting on wc7 file was set for 11/26/2016. Do you not support any PKHeX functionalties that enable to change the date that I received wonder card in my save file, Mystery gift section? If not, is it possible to find any way to change only the "Date received"?