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    Obtaining Entree Forest and Dream World Pokémon

    We have Dream World Pkm files in our Event Gallery; however, if you do not want to use those Pokemon files, but obtain it yourself, these are the steps to do so.

    1. Download and launch the Gen V Save Tool
    2. Click Load SaveGame
    3. Click Entralink Forest
    4. ● Unlock Areas If Necessary
      ● Choose the area you want the Pokemon to appear in
      ● Select Slot
    5. You can Add from the selectors on the top, or add a Pokemon from the previous legal Dream World Maps. We'll use Pleasant Forest for example.
    6. ● Choose a Pokemon
      ● Choose a 4th move (if possible)
      ● Choose Gender (if possible)
      ● Click OK when done
      ● Note: You won't be able to select OK if the game version is incorrect.
    7. Once you're done, hit Save and Exit.
    8. Click Update Checksums and hit to OK twice.
    9. Click Save

    You're now ready to play!

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