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    The Modpack Project

    Throughout this tutorial, I've been referring to the solution as a modpack. By default, they can be thought of as synonymous, because a solution automatically has a modpack solution created. Any mod project that the modpack project references is part of it, and is kept when the modpack is built. However, a solution can contain multiple modpacks. Another modpack project can be created the same way as any other project. However, the UI currently does not support managing the required references, and this requires manually editing the project JSON, and is not recommended. If this feature interests you, please leave feedback in this issue on GitHub so I can prioritize it.

    The reason this is useful is that you can have multiple distributions. Modpacks contain mods that make sense to have together, but with multiple modpacks, you could split up the mods that don't make sense to have together. For example, if you modify the wild Pokemon that can be encountered in a main series game, one mod-pack could change the encounters and level them accordingly, another could change the encounters and leave their levels unchanged, and a third could leave the encounters alone.

    Unlike other project types, this can only be used with a single Base ROM project.

    Setting the 3DS output

    When a modpack is built, it automatically applies its mods to its associated base ROM. If the base ROM is a 3DS ROM, there are a few options for how this can be done. This defaults to Luma 3DS game patching, but you can follow these instructions to set the output to your liking:

    1. Right-click the Modpack project in the Solution Explorer and click Properties.
    2. Go to the 3DS Build Options tab and check whatever you'd like. Do not check the first two at the same time. If you do, one will be overwritten. Leave feedback on this GitHub issue if you want to do both at the same time, and I can prioritize it accordingly.
    3. If you made any changes, Click File -> Save -> Save File.

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