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    Quoting @javier_himura, the author of the original thread:


    There is a VBA version with link cable emulation

    There is a VBA version with e-reader emulation compatible with raw files

    But there isn't a version with both emulations at the same time, that's why, using the source code of both versions, that's why I've done a merged version of both VBA in the same emulator. Here it is:

    I'm not the author of the link emulation nor e-reader emulation, I only mixed both versions in one.

    This is a merged of VBA-Link 1.73 (link since broken) created by denopqrihg and VBA-Reader
    created by caitsith (http://www.caitsith2.com/), they are the real authors of these emulations


    Source Code
    All versions of VBA publish the source code and I will not be less
    (source code has been added to the download page)

    Huge Thanks
    VBA-Team for creating the emulator
    denopqrihg for the link emulation
    caitsith for e-reader emulation
    ad2099 to testing this emulator and the save for FireRed & LeafGreen

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