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  • Connect e-reader to Ruby & Sapphire

    Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire JP

    The American version works exactly like the Japanese, but I'll post pictures of the Japanese version anyway, because the American version is already possible to emulate the e-reader with VBA Link and .sav files

    0 - If you want to use an English save, rename the save to have the same name as the Japanese ROM, and the extension must be changed to sa1. For example if we have the ROM Ruby.GBA and Japanese Pokemon "Pokemon Ruby JP.gba" the save "Pokemon Ruby.sav" should be renamed to "Pokemon Ruby JP.sa1"

    1 - Open the emulator twice


    2 - Load the Rom of Pokémon Ruby or Sapphire in the first emulator and the Rom e-reader + JP in the second emulator


    3 - Press start on both emulators


    4 - Select the third option of the emulator with Pokémon Sapphire (Mystery Event)


    5 - Select the first option in the second emulator . A popup will open , select a raw file

    corresponding to the version you are using, in my case Pokémon Sapphire JP


    6 - Press A on the first emulator and that's it, you have loaded a Japanese trainer or berry


    7 - Change back the name of the save as it was originally and you have a Japanese e-reader berry or trainer loaded in an American save


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