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  1. I have three teams, most of which I'm kinda eh on. Two of these are intended for double battling, and the third is focused around singles, but I mostly use it for doubles because of Umbreon's Helping Hand. Team one: BB Thatch (Lucario): Special Sweeper -Nature: Modest -Item: Wise Glasses -Stats: HP: 281 Attack: 230 Defense: 176 Special Attack: 361 (255 EVs) Special Defense: 176 Speed: 279 (255 EVs) -Ability: Inner Focus: The Pokemon is protected from flinching. -Moveset: -Aura Sphere -Psychic -Dragin Pulse -Dark Pulse Role: My lead pokemon in almost all my battles. With a diverse movepool, I usually utilize this pokemon's high special attack in order to take out some of the possible threats in battle. With the help of Helping Hand from Emmy, most pokemon are usually taken out with one hit unless they have a Focus Sash or Focus Band. Emmy (Umbreon): Wall/Support -Nature: Careful -Item: Leftovers -Stats: HP: 330 Attack: 165 Defense: 318 (255 EVs) Special Attack: 140 Special Defense: 393 (255 EVs) Speed: 165 -Ability: Synchronize: Passes on a burn, poison, or paralysis to the foe. -Moveset: -Helping Hand -Payback -Wish -Toxic Role: Emmy's role is to power up my other Pokemon's moves, as well as cripple some of the opponents pokemon. By using helping hand, my other pokemon's already beefy attacks are boosted further, and with Wish, if a pokemon I've swapped out in the past is low on health, I can recover its health. Skylar (Scizor): Physical Tank -Nature: Adamant -Item: Muscle Band -Stats: HP: 344 (100 EVs) Attack: 394 (255 EVs) Defense: 236 (155 EVs) Special Attack: 131 Special Defense: 196 Speed: 166 -Ability: Technician: Powers up the Pokemo's weaker moves. -Moveset: -X-Scissor -Bullet Punch -Brick Break -Swords Dance Role: For the most part, Skylar is used to finish off crippled pokemon. With Technician, Bullet Punch, and the Steel-type stab it gets from the move, most pokemon go down pretty quickly. If time is on my side, I also throw in a Swords Dance to kick up Skylar's attack stats in order to inflict more damage. Xavier (Manectric): Special Sweeper -Nature: Modest Item: Life Orb -Stats: HP: 281 Attack: 167 Defense: 156 Special Attack: 339 (255 EVs) Special Defense: 156 Speed: 309 (255 EVs) -Ability: Static: Contact with the Pokemon may cause paralysis. -Moveset: -Thunderbolt -Flamethrower -Magnet Rise -Signal Beam Role: Xavier holds much of the same role as Skylar; he's used to kill off weakened pokemon. With a decent speed and a decent special attack, Xavier's ability to take out most pokemo is very useful. The diverse movepool also helps greatly with new pokemon that come into battle, giving me the ability to deal some good damage, if not kill off an opponent's pokemon with one hit. Bastion (Absol): Physical Sweeper -Nature: Adamant Item: Focus Sash -Stats: HP: 270 Attack: 394 (255 EVs) Defense: 155 Special Attack: 167 Special Defense: 155 Speed: 248 (255 EVs) -Ability: Super Luck: Heightens the crtical-hit ratios of moves. -Moveset: -Sucker Punch -Psycho Cut -Swords Dance -Stone Edge Role: Bastion is my preventative attack. The focus sash serves to keep him alive to get one Swords Dance in so that I can deal some serious damage. Then, with the use of sucker punch, I can take out weakened or potentially threatening pokemon that might end up causing trouble to me. Felicia (Leafeon): Physical Tank -Nature: Careful Item: Lax Incense -Stats: HP: 270 Attack: 318 (255 EVs) Defense: 295 Special Attack: 140 Special Defense: 250 (255 EVs) Speed: 225 -Ability: Leaf Guard: Prevents status problems in sunny weather. -Moveset: -Leaf Blade -Swords Dance -Grass Whistle -Iron Tail Role: Felicia is my last stand pokemon. Felicia is used to put the opponent asleep long enough to kick her stats up a bit and deal some hefty damage to the enemy, By doing so, I'm given a moment to either use Emmy to get my health back up or just kill off my opponent's pokemon. Teams 2 and 3 to come. EV Distributions might not be exact.
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