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  1. WELCOME, to the absolutely CHAOTIC world of Pokémon Chaos Emerald! This hack is WILD! Get ready to battle in some of the strangest and most unique battles you've ever battled in a pokemon game before! This is in no way, shape, or form a normal difficulty hack! This is a funny little difficulty hack I've made that's full of things that pokemon fans love including some old beta pokemon that were scrapped long ago Lots of changes have been made to make the game better than ever! Including no need to teach field HMs, more engaging and surprising battles, fairy type, night time, some new moves and abilities, and most important of all, the removal of that stupid fish gyarados (I hate gyarados!) "Torchic!" The game also features almost all of the pokemon from gens 4-7 including chatot (duh), riolu, solosis, alolan raichu, MEGA EVOLUTONS and much more! There's also a gen 8 pokemon line sneaking around in the shadows, can you find them? This fanhack also adds some fun quality of life features! You can use your starter unevolved but with the stats of a fully evolved pokemon (level them up holding a regular potion at any evolution stage they'll turn into their X variants, which are basically the first stages of them but much more powerful (basically the first stages of them but with the stats of a fully evolved pokémon). You can switch back between the X forms and the fully evolved by having them level up holding a super potion). So now you can carry your cute little Torchic and Mudkip all the way to the Elite 4 without having to worry about them being too weak! You can even purchase rare candies! In some pokemarts such as the rustbaro mart and ever grande city you can buy rare candies for a low price to prevent having to grind too much, they'd also be really useful if you feel the game is getting too difficult too. I don't recommended going too high over the gym leaders however or else the game will be too easy haha I'm glad to announce that EV training is not required to finish the rom hack! I've beaten it twice with zero ev training whatsoever The hack is basically complete and 100% playable from start to finish! Pretty much all of the major battles are modified with fun including the first Gym Leader rematches and the Meteor Falls battle against Steven! So please have fun playing my silly rom hack! There's a lot of surprises waiting for you... Included in the download link below is the Version 2.4 MilkyWay UPS patch file (released 9/24/21) , documentation that you should read, a small text file that teaches you how to patch if you don't know how, and details on how to get those sweet sweet mega evolutions! https://www.mediafire.com/folder/oqmy6iw0kz99p/chatot WARNING: This hack doesn't support old VBA or mVBA, use a more accurate emulator like VBA-M 2.1.4! If you're playing on android I recommend John GBAC CREDITS POKEMON LIBERATE EMERALD ROMBASE BY LI YUN BOX ART BY ANONYMOUS NEW SPRITES BY ATECAINCORP. AND JAPEAL.COM NO HMS PATCH BY YATOOMA/DEARMAN4 OTHER SPRITES AND ICONS BY DYNAMIC POKEMON EXPANSION, MRDOLLSTEAK, THEDARKDRAGON11, POKEFARM ITEM SCRIPTS BY PHENOM2122 SOME VOICE LINES BY TED LEWIS AND VINESAUCE BATTLE ENGINE AND NIGHT CYCLES BY DIZZYEGG EV DISPLAY BY jiangzhengwenjz PLAYTESTED BY TOLLEYPLAYS ON TWITCH.TV AND ARKARDIAN if I'm missing any credits or if there's any crazy bugs let me know :} and most importantly, enjoy the show! P.S if you hear any weird screeching noises during your battles, its because they aliens are so intrigued by your battles that they have no choice but to come down and watch. They're a very interruptive and loud crowd indeed. FAQ Q: Umm... I think I clicked on the wrong thread, can you help me figure out where I need to go? A: Let's just consider this a happy accident and you accidently stumbled amount the strangest difficulty hack ever made, why don't you give it a try? Q: Why did my treecko learn water gun? A: That's a good question... moving on Q: Why does remoraid look like that??? A: Don't blame me Q: Maxie sent out a what? A: A what is a pretty good pokemon, in fact it learns outrage at level 1, isn't that wild? Q: Help I'm stuck underwater! What do I do? A: Simply press the B button on your device and you'll be back up in no time! Q: This game isn't real, and I'm just having a really weird dream A: Pinch yourself, you might actually wake up Q: I hate you... A: That's mean Discord Community! (created on 9/20/21) https://discord.gg/4XHndatKvv EDIT: I'd love to hear any feedback about the rom hack! Edit (9/24/21): Version 2.4 MilkyWay has been released! Adds in a new Mega Evolution, more backsprites for new additions, and improves more movesets! 2.4 will most likely be the last version update unless theres any bugs I need to fix. The game is basically 100% complete at this point, I hope you all enjoy it! I had a lot of fun making this hack, and I hope it puts a smile on your face! HOW TO UPDATE: You need to use a clean unpatched emerald rom to patch the rom, then rename your .sav file to the new patched rom and it should work fine! Save the old patched rom using the in-game save option and rename the .sav file to the new patched rom, and now you can load the save file on the new patched rom! Make sure the .sav and the new patched rom are in the same folder or else it won't work! Also make backups just in case there's an error! You can use the program ADVANCE MAP 1.95 from LUHO to view the wild encounters and GEN 3 TOOLS by KURAPIKA to view all the stats and ability changes. Extreme caution however as they contain major spoilers! ENJOY!
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