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Found 11 results

  1. I heard about sysbot that can generate shiny Pokemon on discord. Do you know where I can find one and how does it work?
  2. PokéYOG1 is officially DEAD! Since when? Since December of 2011. Why? Because my life had become so stressful from a number of things, mainly the unknown disappearance of my Nintendo DSi, and school. What's new? Well, I have a Nintendo 3DS, and Pokemon Black Version 2 (English version, of course). I also have Pokemon Rumble Blast, and I run a Minecraft server much like I used to run this GTS Distro. Also, my computer crashed in the summer of 2012, and I had to wipe out my hard drive and re-install Windows. I still have Pokemon Black Version (the first one), and I'm pretty sure my copy of Pokemon White is in my long-lost DSi. Sorry for the inconvenience. You can view the old content of this post in the spoiler below.
  3. Can anyone here help me and trade me my pokesav files to my pkmn White? I just need someone who can access the pkmn. files and put it into their own games via (AR) or whatever and trade it to my white version. I would be very grateful, as im desperate for these pokemon as I need them to battle friends D:
  4. It would be amazing if any of you who can clone like pros/ have Action replay/ or are hacking on an R4 could trade me a shiny pokemon My wants in shiny: Hitmonchan Cranidos Armaldo/Anorith Onix Geodude My Friend Code is: 1677 4395 9450 Richard if you could get me one, may god bless you lol I'll also ref/rep/ put your sig everywhere/advertise for you lol, basically I'll be your slave :cool:
  5. Hi. I'm trying to help people out on getting a shiny pokemon. All of them are legit. I usually breed but sometimes I can give you a caught one. So please don't ask me for a specific level. I can give you shiny starters if you like. I DO NOT USE POKESAV so please don't ask for specific IVs they're probably level 1 When yolu recieved the Pokemon please advertise me by putting this in your sig SO CURRENTLY: Tyty321: Mudkip+Charmander(both male) + snorunt(I have male ready)2062-7179-9184 [tyler] {READY} pokemonrulz:cyndaquil(male) 5327-7876-0454[joren] {READY} oni linx: shinx(male) 5156-1636-7451{READY} Rinky: ledyba(male) {READY} Wannie: Eevee(male) 2793-7563-5014 {READY} Abby: Staryu+ Swablu(male)0603-5036-0834 lopez4ever: Cyndaquil(Female)+Munchlax(Female) 3266-1092-0697 {Only Cyndaquil Ready} reyesdelexceso: Pichu or Pikachu (both male) 5198 8539 5119 {Only Pichu} sube: sneasel and heracross (Jolly if possible) cece girl95: Mightyenna, Treeko (Any) 0603-5125-5621 {Ready} Naru-chu: Magikarp, Trapinch, and Gible(male) 1161-7075-8982 {Ready} code monkey 85: Noctowl 5155-9851-8385 {Ready}
  6. Lockerz.com is website where you can get free stuff. It is a invitation only site so post your email here for a invite
  7. I have alot of junk Pokemon that I don't need. (about 9 boxes FILLED) So request a pokemon that you need and I'll give you it. Please don't request shinys lv 100s or ev trained pokemon. Friend Code: 2235-6002-0153
  8. I will trade you any event Pokemon that is posted in the "Event Downloads" section of this site, just list the "Event Name". I am ONLY available on Saturdays, no exceptions meaning that if you post on this thread on any other day I will NOT reply until Saturday. Please save this thread for the people that don't own an Action Replay. Only 1 of each Pokemon per person. My Platinum Friend Code: 2750 6980 7565 My time zone is Pacific. I am just trying to earn a good reputation on this site, and my work is for free.
  9. Hello people i will give out codes for ev'd pokemon means leagel pokemon but you have to give me a pokemon code any it could be hacked for a pokemon code evd and i do
  10. Hello everyone. I am new to the forums, but I know a lot about forums and I already know quite a lot here. I will be spending a lot of time in the Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Discussion section, so expect to see me there. (; I am not first-class at making Welcome threads, but give me a break. No one is perfect at everything right? [lol] I've read the FAQ previously, so I think I am established with the rules. So, hello Pokémon Project Forums. I hope to benefit my pleasure from my time here, and optimistically make some innovative friends. -Kaori
  11. I found the App for iTouch/iPhone users--"Text Free Unlimited" for $5.99, but before I buy it, is it really free and unlimited?
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