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  1. Hello, I am trying to complete my Dex in Home. I have all of the Furfrou trims and the Shaymin alt forms, but as many may know, they revert back to their original forms when sent to Home unless they meet specific parameters. I have tried all of the recommended steps to get them to show up, but just cannot get them to be recognized. At this point, I figured it's easier just to put in a request. Does anyone happen to have these, or know where I can get them? Thanks for any help
  2. Thanks for the great thread, been very helpful. I do have one question: I would like to make all of my Pokemon Non-Shiny. Using the .PID=$rand command works, but as previously mentioned, this makes many of the Pokemon caught in earlier generations illegal. Is there either (a) a different way to make them all non-shiny using a batch script or (b) a batch script to fix the PID of the illegal Pokemon? Thanks
  3. Perfect! Thanks so much for your help. Will give this a try in a bit
  4. Awesome, thank you. So for the SAV field, it will only affect newly caught Pokemon and not the ones already unlocked? There are hundreds of Pokemon unlocked in this cart, so is there a quick way to assign the trainer name to every single one of the previously unlocked ones? Or do you need to choose the "set" function for them one by one?
  5. Hello: I bought a copy of Pokemon Ultra Moon, and I want to keep the save data they used but change the trainer name with PKHex. I want to do this so it passes legality checks. I cannot seem to find the exact info I need online. I found a guide, but don't quite understand it. In PKHex, I notice 2 areas with Trainer info: The OT/Misc tab, and the "SAV" tab, which has the Trainer Info button. Both of these let you change trainer info. Which of these should I use to change the name? Also, do I need to worry about the "Latest (Not OT) Handler" field? Thank you
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