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  1. @Pocket Monsters https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pZVlGMpNsYMkzTdSjWY-ZXomAc8mzO0x extract the whole zip into a folder and then run PKHeX. PKHeX requires that .dll in the same folder as it.
  2. @philomisia @Pocket Monsters Don't know if you guys still care but I found a solution. I downgraded my version of PKHeX to one from last year and it works fully. Pokemon from PBR can be saved back onto my Platinum game from it. I'm using version 20190207 (February 7th, 2019)
  3. Me three, trying to recover of bunch of Pokemon I lost in a save corruption. They happened to be also in Battle Revolution so I want to bring them back via PKHeX. It may be because PKHeX is trying to read a bk4 file (how battle revolution pokemon are stored) as a pk4 file (how gen 4 pokes are stored) I guess the real question is, is there a way to convert bk4 files to pk4 files. Latest version still does this.
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