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  1. *ALMOST 2.5 YEARS LATER* I'm back with the certificates for the Mews! Mostly. I actually may have thrown them out (Shameful, I know) but not before snapping photos of them! And also the HQ versions of me possibly at the same event. I still am not 100% sure which event these were and if they were from the same event, but it was totally in or near Orange County, California no later than 1999.
  2. With all the news of leaks of gen 1 and gen 2 in the last few years it got me thinking about the origin of Pokemon as a series to the general public in Japan. How much did Nintendo assume it would be a hit, if at all? Were any of the multimedia ventures planned before the launch or did they scramble to create the anime/card game/etc. when it just blew up out of nowhere? I remember hearing somewhere that the reason the series became such a hit was because of Mew being advertised in a magazine, making it an unintentional viral sensation with kids obsessing over finding Mew in the game. Do we have a source for this? Did Nintendo somehow know they had gold on their hands, were they banking everything on the trade exclusivity of the two games, even though the Gameboy was such an old handheld at this point? I just never really hear about Nintendo's perspective right around launching this thing. Did Nintendo treat Pokemon like all their other properties or did they somehow know through like market-research testing that they had a winner in their hands and went all in? How long did it take for the country to have that "Wow this is the next Hello Kitty/Beatles/etc." moment?
  3. Hi there! I discovered this video a while back about taking your real save file from a gameboy game and putting the .sav file onto a switch cartridge: https://youtu.be/9ZZ06Hh19Bs I was following the steps and realized I should probably be careful around the homebrew part, as I'm not too familiar with homebrewing (I've only done so on my Wii and didn't mess around with it much outside of Brawl/Mario Kart mods) and wanted to ensure that I don't make any mistakes that keep me from doing what I'm ultimately trying to accomplish. I figured a community like this would be more familiar with what gets you flagged/blacklisted from Nintendo services. I have two 3DS consoles and managed to successfully get my Pokemon Red .sav file onto my PC. I know from that video and videos like it that I'm able to get my Pokemon into the 3DS iterations of the games, but want to keep myself and my Nintendo accounts safe from any ban-hammers by trying to move things forward past that. All I really need to do is get my .sav file onto the 3DS VC version of Pokemon Red, after that I should be golden... I think. I have some Mews, but I know I can't transfer them and won't attempt to. Is what I'm trying to do even possible? Am I able to safely have my imported Red version on the same 3DS that I use transporter>Bank>home from, or will I need to use a second 3DS/version of Pokemon to trade to in order to not have the 3DS I modify the save from not be involved with my Nintendo network ID? Thanks a bunch!
  4. Ok guys! Here they are! Both of the Mews in this one file! Box one. I was stubborn and wanted to do the use the save data transfer stuff myself, mostly because it sounded like a fun thing to mess around with and I wanted to backup my gameboy camera stuff too~ I traded the mews off the the blue and yellow they were originally in onto this file. I did back up both that blue and yellow before doing this, if for whatever reason this file is a problem (missingno did briefly visit back in the day but was promptly deleted after realizing he wasn't safe. Didn't mess with him much.) I have searched high and low for my certificates of authenticity. I really really doubt I got rid of them, but alas they aren't where I expected them to be. I swear I will return to this forum if they ever show up, even if it's a few years from now. I may have higher quality pictures of my photos on a floppy they gave out, if preservationists want them and the files aren't corrupted yet. pokemon_red_dex_2mews.sav
  5. I have stickers from what is possibly the event, Pokemon League Nintendo Training Tour '99, although the certificates are identical to the ones Bulbapedia shows for "Pokémon 2000 Stadium Tour Mew". It's possible I went to more than one event... They had a photo booth area where I took these photos. Still looking for the certs, thought they'd be with these pictures. I know for certain that I didn't throw them out and will post them once I find them.
  6. Darn, so even for my own personal, never-will-trade collection they can’t go any farther than VC due to the transporter knowing it’s not legit, or would it somehow bug out the VC copy? And if any generous soul would be willing to let me borrow one of these GB USB devices I'd get these guys backed up a lot sooner than later.
  7. I found this place through a Google search seeing how I could get my gen 1 Luigiw OT Mews (2 of them) into Pokemon Home/Sheild I fortunately had the files backed up to a Mega Memory card, and know I need a GB Usb to get them to the PC and would happily share them with the community when I do. Just curious about a few things: 1. Would I legally be able to do that with the Mews and/or things like my original starter from Red? 2. My plan was to move the save files to the VC copies of RBY and then use Poke Transporter. Also saw a guide about moving Gb Pokemon to gen 3 using a Windows program that converts the old pokemon. Curious if one of these methods is better/more "genuine" than the other. 2. If gen 8 Pokemon hold data for when they were caught. Don't see anything in the status screen, and am kinda OCD about that kind of thing. Haha. They also gave us "certificates of authenticity" for these Mews with the OT ID and I have a picture of myself from the event just to give any credibility to all this. It was an event that took place at a mall in SoCal (most likely Orange County)
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