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  1. Was wondering the same thing. Is there a pk8 for shiny Zacian and zamazenta to be hacked into the game as eggs. Or someone who has the eggs and will trade em via link code
  2. Some please help! I’m batch editing a Galarian slowpoke but I cannot get the ability, generator to stick. Every time I transfer it to home it switched to gluttony even though it says regenerator in pk after the batch edit. im doing ability 4 for ha and 144 for regenerator as codes and neither sticks
  3. anyone make a save with all 400 for the dex for sw and sh in these main saves that are being uploaded here? i seen gen 8 saves plus about 200 of the rest of the 400 in @Sienna Uchiha last main upload, but not the full 400. wasn't sure if im overlooking and missing it or if I should drag files from gens 1-7 save to make my own and upload it
  4. Nvm my previous question, I batch coded them to lvl 1 by using a previous template in this thread good day all
  5. I’ve been using these files just fine. thanks everyone for your collective effort. -Only question I have is can I batch edit the shiny dogs to be lvl 1? If so, can someone plz post it to this so I can just copy it.
  6. Gallagher993, try deleting all the spaces before & after the “=“sign in your editor coding. -Patiently waiting for the update from astroidpizza39 with the rest of the mons for gen 8 -deleting the 9 pokes with coding errors made the file work for me btw for those who are still struggling with it.
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