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  1. so as the pic show this is the pokemon i caught from train station so idk about what to do so thanks any way
  2. oh thanks alot man you really helped me
  3. mr mime is may 22 to may 29 2020 and poynta 29 may to 5 june
  4. the latest update and they were released not far ago i guess i mean mr mime and ponyta
  5. is there a reason that all of these are illegal?
  6. i think you may have misunderstood me i meant about the sid and ot name
  7. so i got an event Zeraora from ultra sun to sword and when i try to change the ot name this happens and this is not my id or my sid
  8. oh thanks alot man seems wired about downsizing them tho but sill thanks alot
  9. ohh i see is there a list of pkmn i cant transfer? also what happens if i add that pokemon to the game?
  10. thanks alot man but the first image happens which is not the problem the problem is the second image thanks alot man i have been a very tiring man
  11. ahh i see thanks alot man but do u have the files for these pokemon and is there a way to make myself as their ot?
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