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  1. Awesome. Thank you so much! I sincerely appreciate you taking the time out of your day to answer my questions!
  2. Then I guess the question is, based on your understanding of how everything works at this time, since anything with HOME could be subject to change at GF's wim, are these Pokemon probably safe to keep around, or should I just delete them and remake them the right way for added security? Thank you very much for your assistance, by the way! Your guide itself was very helpful.
  3. I'm sorry to dig up an old grave by posting a response here, but I have a question regarding region legality. I have a US CFW 3DS on which I have injected several Gen 6 and 7 Wonder Cards. Most of these cards are US or Region-Free, but a few are JPN, and I didn't have the sense to notice that at the time. Notably, I have injected the Gen 7 shiny Necrozma, Groudon, and Kyogre events exclusive to JPN and the Evil Bosses lines found in both Gen 6 and 7. I have since transferred those Pokemon through Bank to HOME. I understand these Pokemon were illegal in Gen 6 and 7, because their distribution region did not match my 3ds region. My question is this: do we as a community know if HOME has a way to detect this incongruity? Does it maintain some form of Memory regarding where (and when, because the dates of reception on these Pokemon are very recent) they were received? Should I trash them and try to reinject these events while having my 3DS simulate being a JPN-region one? I am not sure at this time how to go about that, but I am fairly certain I read that Luma can emulate different console regions. Thank you so much for your assistance and time! Again, sorry about bringing to life a dead thread. I can, if it would be preferred, delete this post and place it as a new topic altogether. Edit: Rather than simulate being JPN-region, I would just change the info to make the Pokemon appear as if they were traded. Reading over everything from the original Tapu Koko thread to all of these comments again, I understand that now. But my original questions are more or less unchanged: should I delete the Pokemon I already messed up and moved to HOME, starting fresh, or does HOME not keep track of where the Pokemon was received as a Hidden Value?
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