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  1. I tried dumping the rom using Yuzu tool and the editor did not work with the folder extracted. Here's the log: I'm messing with the folder structures trying to make it work, now I'm facing a problem with "exefs" and "main" file, I'll soon try to use a XCI file (the one that I used was an NSP, maybe that's how it should work, don't know. Thanks for pointing the tool, even though I can't use. After messing around with some extractor I was able to make the editor to work, but now I'm having issues making it start with Yuzu. All right, I was able to make it work. Everything working fine, thanks! Just a question, is there any way to add, at least, neutral portraits for missing ones? It's a bit weird seeing an empty portrait whenever it tries to use one that don't exist.
  2. Great mod, but it's sad that I can't use it since I haven't find yet a .NSP unpacker that works, all of them gives me a empty folder... If there's any way to make it work with an packed rom (NSP or XCI, whatever) let me know.
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