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  1. Maybe the best thing is to tell people not to put any clones back into Home after receiving them from giveaways, etc?
  2. OO that Zekrom example was in reply to Kaphoptics. I haven't been doing that at all. I've just been cloning the Pokemon that people trade me from Home
  3. I totally see where you're coming from now, but I'm not assigning a home tracker from one pokemon to another. I just received a Pikachu Kalos Hat from someone who traded it from their own Home to me. I then imported it to PKHex and cloned it. They all have the same tracker. Now if I give it to 5 different people, what then? Btw, I wouldn't be putting the clones in my Home.
  4. I'm not sure if we are on the same page. I'm trying to figure out the safest way to gen previous generation Pokemon so that I can give it to people in my group without worrying about either party getting banned.
  5. Sorry I keep posting the same thing here and on messages. I'll just continue on here so others can chime in. For example: I make a Zekrom in PKHex and put it directly to Sword and Shield with 000000 tracker. If I put that in Home after, it will assign it a unique ID, but wouldn't they detect that it should have had a Home tracker already since it should have came from a previous gen?
  6. Hey, thanks for posting about Home Tracker. I've been searching around for people to trade me a legit Pokemon from previous versions that they transferred through Home so that I could clone it. I thought this would be the most legit way to do it, but it seems like your post advises against that and that we should delete the tracker after? Wouldn't that raise red flags with GF that a Pokemon from a previous generation is now in SW/SH without a Home Tracker ID?
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