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  1. You need to use auto legal mod in pkhex to legalise it first
  2. I got this working guys For those having trouble do what this guy said - it helped me: So, I dunno if this'll help anyone but, I'll try my best to explain my process to make it work... kind of... Ok, so I used "GRIDELIN's" save file (the Gen 7 one from this very website) probably any save file with Legal Mons in the Pc for gen 7 could work. Within Pkhex (current version) I pasted the .pk7 files OVER the Mons in the first box of the save file (I usually only did 6 at a time, to move to bank, as 6 seemed to be the limit without a crash from bank). I saved and used the "modified" GRIDELIN save file, by deleting the current save file inside the applicable pokemon game folder (I was using UMoon) I pasted the new file in the save data folder, and had to delete the Secure Value of the applicable pokemon game using the FBI application. When all that was said and done, while in bank I had to move "Legal" mons from GRIDELIN's save FIRST, THEN move the Galar mons. It ONLY worked by matching the number of Legal Mons Moved to the Galar Mons Moved so, if I wanted 6 Galar mons I had to have 6 Legal mons AHEAD FIRST. It would save normally no black screen, no stale green screen, but I did have to reset the bank application if I wanted to use it again or transfer to home. Ps. All of the Mons worked even the shiny Doggos, I tried to explain as best as I could without a wall of text, which it ended up that way anyways, sorry.. I don't know why it had so see Legal mons first before the Galar mons it just worked so, i never questioned it...
  3. Hey thanks for your answer, I actually understand what you said. What I don't understand is what is Batch editor? How do I use it? And how do I set up the mons correctly etc?
  4. I need some help on how to do this from scratch guys (I'm noob at using pkhex - first time) I managed to open the save file in pkhex - but what now? I know I need to rename to main and import into my usum game when finished and thats about all I understand right now. Please help - any is greatly appreciated
  5. I cannot the save file to work for Gridelin 806 shiny updated version on 3ds - although it works in Citra - pls help
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