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  1. I quite like having Zubat follow me. It's adorable.
  2. Man, I need to get my eyes checked. I didn't even notice this thread the first couple of looks. Professor Elm doesn't seem to notice that my Togepi has hatched. I call him he just says to call him if anything changes. I visit him with togepi in the first party slot and he says the same thing. Worth noting that I edited the thing with Pokesav before it hatched. But I didn't touch the hex and I rolled a new PID for it... so if it's a legality thing it has that... what's the deal? For all intents and purposes the game should realize that it's the mr. pokemon togepi.
  3. Elm won't notice Togepi hatched.

    In my new HG run, Professor Elm won't notice that the togepi egg hatched. I call him and he just says to call him if anything changes. I visit him and he says the same thing, even if Togepi is the first in the party. Probably worth noting that I pokesav'd the thing before it hatched. But I didn't touch the hidden hex, and I was sure to roll a new PID. What's the deal?
  4. Yeah, sorry. I derp'd. Short version is I accidentally erased a save file, but I'd done one of those Akaio sram dumps beforehand and wanted to get it to work. I managed to find a post on gbatemp. I had to open it in a hex editor and copy everything from offset 65536 and 196592, paste it into a new hex file, then save that as the sav file to get it to work. ... so... um... *goes back to lurking*
  5. I've done a lot of googling and haven't come up with any solid answers. Akaio has that "dump sram" feature which I THOUGHT was used to backup .sav files from the game. But nope, it makes this timestamped .sav file in the root directory that's totally incompatible with the game I'm playing on the 3 in 1. So what the hell? The sav file that was dumped is 512k, and it needs to be 128k. I've tried just getting it to load it but, yeah, incompatible. Is there any way to convert it to a usable sav file? Did I screw up? I have a backup, but this particular save has a lot of trading I did from another game...