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  1. It works thank you so much! I can now answer the question "How can I get yellow forest" and WInner's Path TY TY
  2. I have used the mystery gift editor for 4th gen created by Grovyle91. I also have the distribution ROM for the worldwide celebi etc. My question is that I have .pcd and .pgt files that I want to swap within the .nds. does a tool like that exist? because I want to create my own mystery gifts and distribute them to my real 4th gen Pokemon cards. I am new to this forum please be patient. Thanks.
  3. I am seriously new here, and I am so happy that you ripped all of these maps. I just also wanted to ask is there a way to bulk download all these images? I just used image tools, but it's not worth it. Just thank you so much for posting this
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