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  1. One of the most awesome birthday presents ever.
  2. It worked, and you rock! Thanks sooooooo much!
  3. Oops, I didn't want actual eggs. Just that they were hatched from eggs. Sowwy. As for the characteristics, I have a list of them in a Pokemon guide thing I have here, and there are a few for each stat. All the ones for health are "Loves eating", "Takes naps a lot", "Daydreams a lot", "Untidy", "Loves to relax".
  4. Tried them both this morning, neither did anything.
  5. You're amazing! I'll check this first thing in the morning to make sure it works...I'm a lil sleepy right now so I don't trust myself to input them correctly! And in case you check back on this before I do in the morning, I wasn't sure about the egg part. I just wanted to make sure that it says they were hatched from an egg on Victory Road...didn't want them still in the eggs. Level 30 is right where I'm at in the game, so they'll be perfect at that level. *grin* EDIT: Actually, now that I think about it my AR has this nifty little USB cable. How would I go about just copying/pasting all that code into the unit, or do I have to manually type it all in?
  6. I was hoping to just get a code that would let me encounter any given pokemon in the wild, however finding one that would let me set nature/gender/etc proved impossible to find...the one I had was just for Species and Level. Ah well. I hope it's okay to post six requests in the same thread, versus in six different threads. *grin* Most of the info for all 6 will be the same, which is as follows: Secondly, the individual info for each of the six Eeveeloutions. If you need me to post everything all together in one code I can repost it no problem. I thought that maybe having it separated like this would be easier, since only a few things are changing for each pokemon. Jolteon Flareon Espeon Umbreon Leafeon Glaceon Thank you so much in advance! Tuesday is my birthday, and I'd love to have them hopefully by the end of the week if such a thing is possible.
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