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  1. That's literally the only reason. I haven't had much luck with the FRLG initial seed bot (probably due to my own impatience) so I just soft reset and set a hardcap on 300 million frames for FRLG. I hate to ask but do you mind helping me with that? I wouldn't know what to look for within the research thread, and how to apply it. If not, that's okay and thank you for the reply.
  2. Hi, Sorry if this is the wrong section, wasn't sure where to put this since I'm new here. Does anyone have the Vblank patch for Japanese Emerald, and if it exists, a FireRed version? On max settings FR is only running at about 1600% (turbo, 1000% speed, highest process priority, skip 2 frames, frames advancing in a battle) I have the regular English version, which I'm grateful for and has helped immensely, just hoping if its available in the versions I mentioned above. Thank you.
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