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  1. Again, thanks a lot for extracting it! Also means I can properly re-insert it back into my cartridge, haha. I removed my own Mew recreations from the thread as you suggested.
  2. suloku was able to correctly dump the Mew from the corrupted save, and so now I present the legit Danish Mew, obtained from a Mew Machine in Odense, Denmark. 151 - MEW - ECDB.pk1
  3. What are the normal values for trash data then? My save did get corrupted so that could've affected it.
  4. Edit: Removed file to avoid confusion. Original post: It does now, I accidentally put in the wrong Speed value when making the PK1. Here's the corrected verion.
  5. Okay, sorry for double posting, but I managed to look through the save data and recreate the Mew faithfully, complete with correct IV and EV stats, thanks to the position @Gridelin pointed out and some help from @SadisticMystic and @ZappedAmpharos on the Discord. Here's the full Mew hex data. And here's my recreation in Rhydon, since it was a gen 1 specific editor. So yeah, recreated from the hex data, here's the Mew Machine from my Pokemon Blue save data! This Mew's been through a lot. When I was a kid, one of my friends stole it through Pokemon Stadium, but thankfully he reluctantly traded it back to me. If he didn't I would've had no way of archiving it. [Edit: Mew file removed to avoid confusion.] Here's also the save file that I fixed by deleting the corrupted Pokemon, and injected Mew back into. Gonna' reupload the save to my cartridge. Pokémon Blue Version.sav
  6. EVs probably don't matter much as I don't remember what we fought. I checked the Japanese Space World Mews distributed via the Mew machine, IVs seem to not be identical between individual Pokemon given out. I posted about the save on the Discord chat to see if we could get extra help, I'll try looking into the save structure to the best of my ability.
  7. I wish I could do more to try and fix or recreate it, but I don't know anything about Pokemon save structure, even though I have used hex editors in the past.
  8. I am pretty sure that Mew was in Box 1, as I moved it there last time I used the save prior to dumping. If not, then it was in Box 2. Using Hex I could not find any Pokemon with moves matching the screenshots I took, and none with the OT being DENMARK.
  9. Okay, so I got the GB01, dumped the ROM, dumped the save, and, uuuuh--- Biggest oof. However, I was able to open the corrupted .sav file in PokeHex and see that some Pokemon were intact, but others weren't. It seems like some Pokemon were transformed into species they shouldn't be. I'm not sure how to go about fixing the save, maybe somebody here can help? I've attached the save in this post. Pokémon Blue Version.sav
  10. Ah, oh well. Still gonna' be cool to archive it.
  11. Took some pictures while I wait for the tools. The battery LIVES! And yep, we did get it to 100. Also, gotta' ask, would this Mew be considered legit by Poketransporter?
  12. Hello! I've got a Mew from an undocumented Gen 1 event in Denmark. It was distributed through a Mew Machine at various locations, and I got mine from Bilka (a chain of supermarkets) in Odense. I had an adult (employee or just a guy there, can't remember) help me make space in my party for it. OT is, similarly to the Mew in the post above, DENMARK. I also got a certificate of authenticity, I THINK it was in Danish but it's long gone and I don't remember fully. I don't have any way to dump GB saves atm, but I've got a GB01 cart reader coming in the mail so I can properly archive, upload, and document the Pokemon, I'm just hoping that my Pokemon Blue save doesn't fizzle out before that happens. I think me and my sis ended up leveling it up to Lv100, though.
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