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  1. Awesomeness! Thanks! It's a bit of a strange design choice though, a separate option wouldn't take up too much space and would be more accessible. Admittedly it's my fault for not looking closely enough though. All the data necessary to generate it on the fly is there though, since you can do that with one extra step in anycase, so I don't see why it would be an issue. Makes sense. I don't know... I see it as lacking for no real reason, when it's part of the main functionality of the games the program handles. Still, I understand the lack of overall importance compared with other features that are being worked on. Thanks for replying, I appreciate it.
  2. No, not at all. I'm saying using an app such as Calcy IV to get the stats and attributes directly from GO, type them into PKHeX and the output the Pokemon into the Pokemon view, which can then be moved to the box if the user is satisfied. Nothing more, nothing less. Okay, so there was indeed a breakdown in communication. I'm sorry. I'm also useless in programming, I'm still not even sure how to compile anything from GITHub yet. Though I'm learning, slowly but surely. The main thing is the suggestions are down now, so if anyone has the know-how, or I gain it later on, or Kaphotic considers something up there a good idea, they can see what I suggested.
  3. Hmm... I think there's a breakdown of communication, but I'm not quite positive where. Why: Speeding up the process. Cutting Go Park, and maybe even LGPE, out of the Equation entirely. On the fly stat translation. Unification of functionality. That Translation of Go to PK7 by simply entering in the stats and generating the Pokemon without transferring to LGPE, all under the same roof, so to speak. Minus the magic, having it read the Go Park and move, or copy, the Mons directly to the save's boxes would be a wonderful feature. Never been a fan of the Pokemon Company's thing with re-catching minigames. Again, I think it's more of a breakdown of communication here. What I'm suggesting is being able to enter the GO stats in a tool menu and having it output the translated Pokemon to the current Pokemon "view", thus seeing if it's legal and then setting it to the Box.
  4. Thanks. Again, it's more about cutting out the middleman of requiring the GP1 files in the first place, or integrating the GP1 Editor program directly into PKHex, as it really seems like something that should go with the LGPE functionality, in my mind at least. Yeah, sorry, was just a thought and not meant for PKHeX.
  5. Heya all! I've been absolutely loving PkHex, with it speeding up transferring my Pokemon from older games by literally hours. So, thank you for that. However, there are numerous avenues for improvement, in my opinion, which I would love to see traveled down. Global Box Operations: This one I'm surprised hasn't been implemented, especially as the wording of the operations make it seem as though they have, such as selecting "Sort Boxes" which I'd imagine would sort all the boxes, however it simply only sorts the currently selected box as far as I can see. This is available in PKSM and there's a sorter for Gen5 in a pinch, but it would be nice to have this feature implemented into PKHex itself and would save even more time. Event/Encounter Database Drag & Drop: This is a small QOL change I'd love to see, cutting out the middleman of first selecting "view" and then placing the Mon into a slot. Download Section Copy and Paste: This is for the website, more than for the program, but having copy and pasteable "Showdown" text added for each of the PK file downloads would be glorious. While it is nice having an actual folder full of PK files for each generation (I think most Pokemon fans have that "sweet tooth" for having things in a collection), sometimes it's nice to save time and prevent clutter. I understand the ship may have sailed on this one, as it would require going back and adding the text in for all the hundreds of download's descriptions, the end user time saved being far less than the labor put into the addition, I still thought it might be worthwhile to mention it. Go Converter: For a LGPE save in the Tools menu. There are numerous apps that grant you the exact IVs of Pokemon in Pokemon Go, and being able to enter in the Species, CP, Attack, Stamina, Defense, Form and Shininess of a Go Pokemon and having the tool output a Mon converted in the same manner as the Go Park would do could be nice. An optional ability to have the Speed IVs based on the Stamina, rather than being random could be sweet as well. (Speaking of this... Has there ever been an attempt to take advantage of the connection between Go and LGPE? A program that could utilize a bluetooth device to act as though it were a copy of LGPE so that one can transfer Pokemon straight to a PC could be amazing) And that's all I've got for now. These are just some suggestions and I wanted to get them down in text, as I've been thinking about them for a while now. Again, thanks for a great tool that has enriched my recent marathon of all the games to no end.
  6. I can't find it there. Not saying you're wrong, just explaining why I posted it. Along with your mentioning of magnets, which are always somewhat risky near electronics that store data. When there is literally a version number indicated, and you can check the date, that's somewhat irrelevant. Either way, Slayer mentions that the video is on the site anyhow, thus it is up to date.
  7. I just want to bring to light that any physical additions outside of a bog standard 3DS, your 3DS' SD card, an SD card reader for your PC and your PC are NOT necessary anymore to hack a 3DS with CFW. Anything that involves a magnet or something you have to buy to aid in the hacking effort may very well brick your 3DS. Installation of Custom Firmware can be done perfectly safely with the most recent 3DS firmware updates via the following method: Just follow the guide, step by step and you'll have a relatively hassle free hacked 3DS which you can use to grab your saves and do all the PKHex modifications, PKSM management and what not on. Edit: Embedding the video doesn't seem to work. Edit: Got embedding working.
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