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  1. Can an admin delete or close off this topic? I cant seem to find the option to do so
  2. Wow! I didn't even think that would be the reason why! Thank you so much
  3. Hi all, (Apologies if this is in the wrong thread) Previously I've been able to edit the Raid seed (highlighted above) and paste in Raid seeds I've found online. However since the update - the seeds don't save I'll paste them in (on the highlighted area) and click "Save" and that was that. Now when I do it - the seed doesn't save and reverts back to what it was before! Help! Alternatively - If anyone knows a way to modify a Raid to make them shiny etc - that would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Cool! i thought that might be the case. i'll keep looking
  5. hi! i genned the pkhex file for these but found they can't trade on Switch... there were flags but i've seen this with some of the other HOME legends i transferred over from my 3DS so didn;t think nothing of it. when i try to trade - it doesn't allow it. Any suggestions? )
  6. I have had this same issue today - since the expansion pass dlc was updated. all previous saves were 1478kb and the new saves from today are 1479kb. i am using checkpoint to save my files and am having to reload older saves in order to do anything. any suggestions?
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