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  1. omg thank you so much!! I posted about this before because I love mint cream alcremie! ty ty
  2. With the new update today, it's possible to find GMAX Alcremie with flavors other than Vanilla Cream. Could this be incorporated in the PKHeX update as well so that all Alcremie flavors (Matcha, Salted, Mint) are legal when in GMAX form?
  3. Hi! Not sure if this is the right subcategory for this.. I think as of today's update (after the January 9th direct), you are able to find GMAX Alcremie with other flavors. I found and caught a Matcha cream gmax Alcremie today. Could there possibly be some sort of update in PKHEX to allow for the different flavors to be legal? For example, A salted cream GMAX Alcremie. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies! (Pic is the one I caught today)
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