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  1. That's exactly what happened to me Thanks for trying to help me out on this one! Sorry, I'm new on the forum. Does this means that it was already known and corrected? Will it be corrected on next pkhex patch or something?
  2. I was calculating it on the PKhex, didn't knew that fateful encounter was causing the animation on the game. Thank you for clarifing Anyway, is the a way for me to get one with each nature without the need to use a mint on SwSh?
  3. Hi there! I finally found a Mew thanks to you post here! Can you tell me why only the modest one on the download file turns into Square shiny when transfered to SwSh? I've heart that events are supposed to have square shiny if they're had a fateful encounter. I'm saying this cuz I want to get myself one with which nature, but cuz of PID and PID-Nature I can't change it. Can you help me out one this one?
  4. Sure, I'm gonna try and post them as spoilers! I don't think I double posted, you guys helped my out with my alolan ninetales on another post, this one is a kantonian. If I did double posted, that was a mistake, sorry for that Screenshots added @theSLAYER, thank you for trying to help mate
  5. Thats amazing, thank you for that! You too @ReignOfComputer . I had to turn off pokerus and turn it back again for some reason too. Do I need to close this topic? Don't know exactly how to do it ><
  6. 038 ★ - Kurama - 0006EFCF2C19.pk8 Hi there, I think this might be a "bug" of some sort on the PKHex legality checker. This Ninetales from Ultra sun with Memento and Toxic is now possible, but it accuses as non-legit. Ninetales Can learn Toxic via TM on Ultra Sun > Transfered via Home to SwSh and Learn Memento from another Ninetales that has it as an eggmove. The app shows it as legit if I take of memento, but memento was learned via ingame daycare options. Can someone tell me why? @Kaphotics [EDIT] Here's the screenshots @theSlayer
  7. Saw you helping others with some similar problems, I'm sorry for tagging you. I actually got this for a friend, and always used her. I just changed some stuff like date and pp, but she was already flagged with this error. Can you help me out Kaphotics?
  8. 038-01 ★ - Ninetales - 7736B1C7C32C.pk8 Now with Pokemon Home, I'm trying to get myself a Ninetales-Alolan with Aqua tail, but i'm getting this error. I can trade her and already sent her to pokemon home too, don't know exactly what is causing this. Can someone help me please? @theSLAYER
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