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  1. Success! Everything working as intended now! Thank you very much for all your help and patience. Have a good day/night! Edit: Kaphotics ended up closing the issue haha
  2. So to clarify, I'm changing from tan to white. So I need to get the lips, brows, hair, and contacts from white and copy over the tan?
  3. Okay, great to see that it wasn't just me! Is there anything else I can possibly try out? I do not have any experience looking into games and documenting what else should/could be changed to make the skin tone editing more efficient (and thank you very much for all the help thus far!).
  4. Yup, for clarification sake, I cannot change my clothes. The MomSkin edit and fashion blocks work perfectly fine. Changing clothes doesn't work. I tried changing clothes in my backed up save (non-skin edited), and was successful at that. So I'm not sure what is up with changing my clothes in a skin edited save
  5. Yup definitely have all the clothes. I actually did try changing the clothes in the clothing booth to see if it would change in the overworld, still no change unfortunately. A test on a female save would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Okay, great to see that this works! So... to follow step by step. I have to: 1) Export my save file. 2) Change my skin tone 3) Change my mother's skin tone 4) Import the fashion block 5) Save edits 6) Import the edited save file. Is this exactly what you did? Because I did this exact process and I do seem to have that weird error still. My mother's skin tone changes, I have all of the clothing, but my trainer in the over world is still in the default clothing (and I can't change my clothing/hair/eyes in-game to fix this either, so I'm stuck looking like the default trainer).
  7. Yeah I've used the fashion block editing before and can definitely confirm that I do that right. The problem on my end is that my character in the over world seems to be wearing the default clothing whereas when I walk into thee dressing room in the video... I'm wearing the ultra ball tee + other clothing and have different hair. Unless you're suggesting that I try the fashion block on my already edited skin tone file?
  8. Yes. I've actually opened up an issue on GitHub where I explain my problem in even more detail. There is a youtube video that I have uploaded showing this bug as well.
  9. Hello. I've been having issues with changing my skin tone in Sword and Shield. I have been following this post and it actually has been successful in terms of changing skin tone. My specific problem: I cannot do trainer customization. For both clothing and hair. To list everything I have done: 1) I changed from tan female to white female, so nothing wrong with that in terms of gender specific clothing. 2) I changed my mother's skin tone to match mine in case that had to do with anything. Same problems. 3) I have used the fashion blocks on these forums in case it had anything to do with the clothing, still no luck. So... with all the detail I have provided... is there something I am doing wrong? Thanks!
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