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  1. question. I have a bad egg stored in my HOME and I'm unable to move the Pokemon to Let's GO Pikachu/Eevee and Sword & Shield due to the Pokemon being Meoletta. the reason as to why it's a bad egg is due to the fact the Meoletta is in it's battle form as default. at the time I had no idea Meoletta could only go into this altered form when it has a certain move and in a battle so I had left it alone. that is until the bad egg wave started to appear and that was the only Pokemon that turned into a bad egg. a bit more context, I transferred this Meoletta during HOME's release from Pokemon Bank. Is there any possible way I can delete this bad egg or am I suppose to wait until Meoletta is released in Sword & Shield or potential future games?
  2. sweet. got it to work. thank you for your help guys
  3. what would be the exact name for the plugin folder? do I have to place the PKHeX application inside the folder too? sorry for the questions. I'm trying to understand through your guide and response
  4. firstly, I apologise for the late response. when I downloaded the PKHeX file, it was just the application and there was no plugin folder included. following the guide, it says if you don't have one just make one which I assume was just a random folder for PKHeX plugins. or am I missing something? as for the unblocking the DLL file, I did that and I moved it into a plugin folder I created
  5. Hey guys. I'm not sure if this has been posted already as I couldn't find any topics related to this problem but I am unable to find the HOME feature within PKHeX. I was following a tutorial posted by SkyLink98 where it states I would have to load a Sword/Shield save file and then proceed by Tools > HOME. As you can see from the screenshot, that feature isn't available for me. I checked to see if I had to list it by checking the settings but nothing there indicates as so. I then went to see if I have the latest version of PKHeX which I do. Any ideas on how to resolve this issue? Please and thank you
  6. a bit late of a reply due to being busy offline but I'm thinking of doing the same. going to see if changing the original batteries with newer batteries will resolve the issue. as well as giving the motherboard of the cartridges a deep clean with the correct tools. thanks for trying to help me out @SkyLink98. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond :)
  7. Yeah it seems as though both the games my friend gave me recently the save files get removed when I read RAM. I've checked multiple times if I'm doing everything correctly with the settings (RAM/ROM size) and its always the same with Pokemon Red and Pokemon Silver. My Pokemon Crystal and Pokemon Yellow works perfectly fine. The only difference between the cartridges are Pokemon Crystal and Yellow have a new battery installed whereas Pokemon Red and Silver they have there original batteries. Yes, I've tested it multiple of times the games do save and remains as a save file on both copies
  8. From what I'm aware of when I purchased my copy of Pokemon Crystal and Yellow on eBay the seller stated he/she has replaced the batteries for both of them whereas my copy of Pokemon Red I recently had gotten it from my friend who says this is his original copy from when he was a kid and the battery hasn't been replaced for it. However, before doing anything the cartridge already had a save file within it and after using the device & software the save file was completely gone when inserting the cartridge into my GameBoy Colour and gives me the option to either start a new game or access the option menu. I tested it out by creating a new save file, saved the game twice, rebooted the game to see if the save file remains and it does. It's just every single time I insert the cartridge to the device and use the device to read RAM it creates a blank file. I have not used the write RAM feature in any situation given, just read RAM. Not sure how to resolve this problem
  9. The cart info appears to be working fine. However, I've tested my Pokemon Yellow & Crystal cartridges and they are working fine. However, I realised now every single time I use the software it automatically deletes the save file on the cartridge. It did have a save file on the cartridge before I used the software but for some reason it keeps deleting my save file so when I would select read RAM it would extract a blank file
  10. Yeah.. I realised I was using the software completely wrong and was extracting the actual flash and not the save file. I've edited the post to fit the new error I'm encountering now
  11. Hey guys. I've currently encountered an issue when using the GB Cart Flasher v1.1. Every single time I use this application for my friend's copies of Pokemon Red and Pokemon Silver, for some reason when I select the 'readRAM' feature it would state on the application the extraction was successfully but would produce a blank .sav file and deletes the save files stored on the cartridges. I'm not too sure as to why it does this as I've tested the device and application with my cartridges and, it would always successfully produce my .sav files without deleting my save files from the cartridges. Now, just to add on, the difference between my copies of games and my friend's copies are mine have new batteries installed into the cartridges when I had purchased mine via online whereas my friend's copies have there original batteries as well as not been taken cared off by giving them a case. He's had those copies since the release of the games and have NEVER opened them up. I can only assume the reason as to why his copies get corrupted during the extraction phase is due to having a dirty motherboard and potentially a battery failure. Yes. Before anyone asks, I have tested his cartridges out by creating a new save file and repeatedly saved the game and, rebooted the game to see if the save file were to remain. Any ideas from other people's knowledge or experience would be much helpful as I've never opened up a Gameboy cartridge have even attempted to replace the batteries or them or even to clean the motherboard. Please and thank you!
  12. wow. I'm so stupid. thanks for the help! I didn't know that was a thing
  13. Just to clarify. I did not change my Shield save file into a Sword save file. They are both completely different save files from their original source. I had only changed the trainer info 'Team' numbers to match my Shield's trainer team info. However, I did export my Shield's Block Data and replaced my Sword's Block Data for *Object Title Screen which caused my title screen for Sword to have multiple Pikachu's appearing unfortunately
  14. EDITED: I've solved the problem. Feel free to delete this post
  15. Which third-party program are you using to enable this code?
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