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  1. Some Pokemon with hidden abilities can be obtained from events. (ex. Hidden Ability Johto starters event lasted from Feb. 27 - Nov. 30, 2015) Or, in this case with Sword and Shield, Max Raid Battle Events. Pokemon from Max Raid events have a chance of having a hidden ability.
  2. You have to put a checkmark next to the move you want the Pokemon to use on the Technical Records list on your Pokemon (under Relearn Moves). GortromX - TR10 LiberloX - TR74 IntelleonX - TRs 05 and 33 GaunuxX - TRs 32 and 90 As for the abilities, Hidden Abilities are not available, meaning the 4 Pokemon you listed cannot obtain those Hidden abilities in-game.
  3. Any time when I set Darmanitan in "Galarian Standard" form, it is saying that the form can't exist outside of a battle.
  4. Binaries with Pokemon don't show up when opened,
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