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  1. Just downloaded the latest version (191115e) and when using Modify->Caught All or Modify-> Complete Dex it does change the "Battled" number to 0 For example... in the save I am looking at I have battled 4 Zigzagoon according to PKHex.. Once I click Modify->Complete Dex it switches to 0 battled for Zigzagoon not sure if there is a place to set the battled to mass edit all the pokedex entries but using caught all or complete does appear to reset your battle number with all pokemon in the dex PKHexPokedex.mp4
  2. The Dynamax crystals (And15, etc) don't appear to work for me when adding them in via PKHex When using them it just gives the general cannot use item message from the professor Anyone seeing this issue?
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