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  1. I believe gen every generation before gen 6 didn't give trainers natures or even EV's. What you can do in replace of this is to simply give the Pokemon slightly higher IV's. It won't change the stat you are going for but instead it will raise every stat. it should be an alright replacement
  2. You're going to do map changes on a DS game? Haven't seen it used to change a region around but I look forward to seeing how this turns out!
  3. Summary Pokemon Distorted Platinum is a rom hack that focuses more on difficulty then anything else. All gym leaders have a full team of six. Once you have beaten the elite four your team will be around level 73. All Pokemon (except for legendaries) should be obtainable before the elite four making it possible to create any team you wish. There have been changes to certain Pokemon's types and abilities. Important characters will sometimes challenge the player to a double battle rather than single battles. Level curve is not that harsh for the first three gyms Credits SCV, Alpha. Creator of PPRE which made this rom hack possibele Screenshots Bugs Downloads You will need a rom of pokemon platinum to use the patch Patches and documentation (Mediafire)
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