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  1. No, it's holding an Assault Vest. I wonder if I'm missing any particular flag to be checked or something like that
  2. Hello everyone, I have edited my Ultra Sun save file using PkHex, getting myself a Rayquaza, among other Pokémons. While I'm able to mega-evolve every Pokémon I want, I can't always mega evolve Rayquaza. More precisely, I can mega evolve Rayquaza during normal battles, though I can't do the same when I'm playing online. This is pretty weird, considering that any other Pokémon (I've tried Metagross, Gengar and Salamence) can mega evolve during both wild encounters and online battles. Before you suggest anything, here's what I've already done: Since I'm pretty behind with the game (I've just arrived in the Akala Island), I've manually checked the "Allow mega evolutions" flag in PkHex I've put a Keystone in my bag using PkHex I've generated a Rayquaza who has Dragon Ascent in its move pool I've checked the "Rayquaza captured" flag using PkHex Do you know how can I solve this issue? Thanks in advance
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