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  1. It seems useful! May I ask that how to transfer saves from SysNAND to EmuNAND then?or can I just export saves by using HacDiskMount? I have two switches, one is hacked and the other is not.I want to transfer saves via official data transfering and hack them.Which is the safe way? Thanks!
  2. Hope to change the receive date of league cards,too. plz!
  3. Is it possible to edit the received date of GYM leader's League card? Changed the date of switch and forgot to return back. One of them shows 2019/11/25.Really hope to change the date back. I'd apreciate it if someone could help me! will PKhex be able to edit it in the future? or what is the offset of league cards. thanks!
  4. Thanks! Expect for the next release
  5. Failed to delete Recevied List in Mystery Gift. Deleted it and saved but still appears when opening Mystery Gift. Is there any way to delete the Recevied List? Wrongly imported SM-only WC to USM.Thanks
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