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  1. When I applied "Female Fashion --Sword 1.0.8f.bin" to the save data, "C x L" was removed. Excuse me, my game data isn't Eng version. https://imgur.com/xji78xM I checked about clothing items by internet, "M x H x K" clothes are normal items in The Isle of Armor data. "C x L" hoodie looks abnormal clothes data.
  2. Sorry, my game is "Sword", and I used "Female Fashion - Sword 1.0.8f.bin".
  3. Surely female.bin 1.0.8f. Excuse me, there were some misunderstandings. There is no problem in "M x H x K series" because the clothes of "M x H x K series" are officially released clothes data. Only "Foodie C x L" was anomalous data. "C x L" has no appearance data in the game data, so it looks the same as "the gray jacket of the female protagonist's default outfit". "Additionally, C x L hoodie was removed in 1.0.8f female bin for Sword. Can you redownload and check?" Oh, really? I will check it. If I apply "fixed 1.0.8f .bin", can I remove "Hoodie C x L" from my save dat
  4. ・Female Fashion - Sword 1.0.8f.bin ・"M x H x K Hoodie" and "C x L hoodie" appeared in Female Sword, I suspect that maybe "M x H x K Hoodie" and "C x L hoodie" are the clothes add in the "The Crown Tundra" in the future, so I thought it's not good to there are these two in the Isle of Armor's save.
  5. I used the .bin file that changes the fashion block on the PKHEX, appeared two clothes that "hoodie C x L (?)" "Hoodie M H K (?)" but, it have not been released yet officially.This is not good because it clearly people notice it is modified data, so I would like to fix this data to a normal range of data, is there a way?
  6. I want BP max cheat code for v1.2.0. Do you know it?
  7. Thank you very much. If possible, please update Great Ball casual t-shirt in the future.
  8. If I install this "Fashion Block 1.0.5", Can I get "Poké Ball Casual Tee"? https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/4072-poké-ball-casual-tee/
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