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  1. Hello everyone, i need help because i don't understand anything. I play Pokémon Emerald on VisualBoy Advance. I had edited my save to get the 8 badges and do the League. But since that i have restarted the game, i can edit my save again but the edit things don't appear. I rest with 1 badge only. I have tried to active all the events and more, but this don't work... Do you know how to fix it please? Thanks in advance, see ya. I share you my save file if you need it. Pokemon - Version Emeraude (France).sav
  2. Hello, i've a problem... I have downloaded your file of Shiny Necrozma from the event, and PKHex saying me than the Pokémon have invalid Ribbon, than Fateful Encounter should not be checked, and also "Unable to match to a Mystery Gift in the Database". Even if i know that the Pokémon can Battle, be traded in Link Trade, etc., Is this possible to make a Shiny Necrozma considerated like legal by PKHex and the game? Thanks in advance. (Sorry if my English is bad, it's not my native language, ah ah)
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