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  1. I finally got it working! It was my dump- I instead decrypted the catridge from godmod9 instead of dumping or using anything else. Then I used ctrtool to extract it into romfs and exe folders. I knew as soon as I loaded it into pk3DS I had done something right- the exe was editable! Turns out the Youtube tutorial was correct, just a slightly different dumping method was required to make it work properly. Maybe it is different for US/UM but I'll be using this method from now on regardless. So I now have fully randomized X and Y versions up and running, and the technique down! Not to mention I increased shiny rate to 30% for fun and have been having some amazing encounters lol. Now that I know how to do it... I'm gonna one day build the impossible game that's incredibly hard to beat lol.
  2. Maybe it was the dump, but I have tried dumps in several different ways, the latest was via godmod9 using Zeta's dumping scripts. What would you recommend I use in order to preform a proper dump? And is there anything useful in that .dmp file that could indicate what exactly the issue is? Keeping in mind that crash.dmp was generated on the 3DS as soon as I tried to launch the randomizer. Another question too, so following this guide (the first set of directions using poketool.exe) it does not specify what to do with the exefs folder: https://zetadesigns.github.io/randomizing-layeredfs.html.
  3. I didn't mess with those. I only want to randomize encounters, starters, and trainer battles. Everything else I want left alone. Far as the dump file goes, pretty sure I could copy/paste it if I had a way to actually open and view it... notepad just displays garbage. No idea what to use to open it for proper looking at. But 3DS showed it perfectly.
  4. I managed to randomize my pokemon X I think... I followed the first set of instructions on this page: https://zetadesigns.github.io/randomizing-layeredfs.html Problem is, I am not 100% sure if I am starting it correctly. I assumed a digital version would appear on home screen, it doesn't. So it occurred to me it required the cartridge in- something definitely happened, the game crashed immediately with a long error code. I have no idea how to open the .dmp file to copy/paste on here... bluescreenview doesn't work, and my laptop does not have winDbg on it. So I am uploading a copy of dump file so someone can help me figure out what is wrong. Hopefully if all else fails I can remove the rom and still be able to play my X game normally. crash_dump_00000000.dmp
  5. Hello all, I am trying to randomize Pokemon X, which is first time I have ever randomized a 3DS game. I've been having a lot of problems. So, what I have been following are the instructions in this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-pnqSsJBv0&t=649s but so far I cannot get my game to load on the 3DS. I am thinking it is either a bad rom dump, or I am doing something wrong. In this video he discusses that certain files have to be moved in exe/ folder and to romfs/. In USUM he is using this file is Shop.cro, but he has a list that is supposedly for X/Y which is Dllbattle.cro, Dllfield.cro, and Dllpoke3select.cro. I assume these are what I need to move into romfs/. Then in romfs/a I used the GARCs list to fill in the value as he shown. Now here comes the problems. Initially I tried to move the folder onto my SDcard as shown. AS mentioned before, this does not work, game does not show on my 3DS. I have tried other variations of this, moving ROM/, moving the titleID/, etc, same result. Thinking my dump was bad I tried again. This time I actually ended up trying to edit the exefs options on ps3DS, namely, shiny rate. I got an error code on this which I can provide if needed. This is where I notice my code.bin file turning back into .code.bin which I think is the issue. Fixing it without the '.' does not work, and if I reload the files, it goes back to .code.bin. I don't get why this happens. So.... on another reddit I saw someone say to use poketools.exe. Problem is, I can't even do the first step required, which is inputting the backup folder. I have no PK3DS/ let alone PK3DS/backup as it says I need. There is no way in the program to assign where any sort of backup would even go. I have a backup/ folder that appears in same place that pk3DS. exe is in the Step 3- randomization/ folder as the pack uses in the video, but poketools.exe gives an error about this folder cause it expects a pk3DS folder/backup. Sigh. Is there a better/easier way to do this?
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