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  1. Finally got it working!! Thank you for all the help!!
  2. Ok I’ve downloaded this part now. And there is already a file in my 3ds that is empty and labeled “3ds” do I just replace that old one with this new one? Sorry for all the questions
  3. Yes this is my exact problem. I’m using the sub wars method as well. Do I need to download something else to make the sub wars version of homebrew work for this?
  4. Yes Ive Played on both of them and have saved on them. Do I need to delete them to have this work??
  5. I’m using homebrew and I tried it on my ultra sun and ultra moon games. Both of them said the same thing
  6. Hello I'm having one problem with mine. When i go to titles and click on my game, and then click on Save Data, it tells me the archive cannot be opened? But if i go into extra data, there's a " new " button i can click on there. But every time i try on the Save Data one, it tells me the same thing. Please help!!
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