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  1. Thx for the quick reply, but I'm afraid it's not working for me. When I click on http://hack.thundaga.com/trainer_nature.7z I get a connection refused error, Can you maybe post another download link if you have the tool available or do you know what the issue could be? edit: got it to work now from my laptop, no idea what the issue was.. But another question: Was this ever tried/ developed to work with Black White or only with Black/ White 2? Because Bond does say in his post that it will eventually be for B/W as well
  2. sorry to bump a dead thread, but does anyone still have bonds nature editor patch available? The download link is dead
  3. I saw the CFRU extension mentioned a feature of a improved AI system, so it seems like this has been done. Question is how can one implement that as a standalone into a firered base rom? Any experts here who could help would be highly appreciated.
  4. ok thx so they always have a neutral nature ? I can live with that
  5. I hope this is the right place to post this. So I wanted to know if anybody discovered how to edit the nature of trainer pokemons for gen6 roms? I saw the tool XYTE has a field for abilities but it seems it can't be used, or am I missing something?
  6. So I already played Bloody Platinum some time ago and to be honest I didn't find it to challenging. I mean yeah the level curves were really high and the opponents had strong pokemons with good movesets, especially gym leaders and the elite 4, but if you have a well balanced team it's not too hard. Now I wanted to play the game again, but make it more challenging. Since I already did enough nuzlockes I thought I'd try something else. What would you suggest? I thought maybe a mono type run would make it pretty hard ? Which type would you suggest ?
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