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  1. Oh I see. It says Potientally patched for my model
  2. Oh ok. My Switch version is 9.1.0 so I should be good on that right?
  3. So at the moment I can only hack my Switch?
  4. Does anyone know if it's possible to hack a Switch Lite?
  5. Yeah, that's true. I read up on this stuff because some people we're saying that Nintendo bans the account that is hacking, not the system itself, but you did say it's only a possibility that I won't be able to play online on both switches if my account gets banned. I just wanted to make sure I'm not wasting my money on buying a new switch if I can't play online when I transfer my saves from the hacked switch to the clean switch but if the only way to keep my profile from getting banned is to just make a new account on the second switch that I'll hack and just trade it over then I'll do that instead
  6. @theSLAYER So would it be better/safer to just make a new profile on the second switch that I'm gonna hack? So that way there's no risk of my original profile getting banned?
  7. I had a question about PkHex with the switch. I plan on buying a second switch that I can hack so I won't get banned on my clean switch and still be able to enjoy the game. My question is if I hack my second switch, and then transfer my data from the clean switch to the hacked one, use PkHex to do what I need to, and then transfer my stuff back to my clean switch will I end up getting permanently banned on both consoles?
  8. So I just downloaded the update for PKhex on my computer and when I try to transfer a Mystery Gift Pokémon to my game it says "cannot covert a PK7 to PB7. cannot transfer this format to the requested format." Did I do something wrong with the update?
  9. @theSLAYER I fixed it and tried the restore option and it worked but now with the new update my computer isn't letting me open Pkhex
  10. @theSLAYER on my 3ds or on my computer??
  11. @theSLAYER So my "main" is just a folder it's not a file and idk how to make it into a file so now I can't use pkhex
  12. This image is what pops up after I click Save Data. I'm using Homebrew Rosalina v2.1.0. And on that secoy image it just says Dump Selected, Add to Backlist, Dump All, and Jump To
  13. @theSLAYER I'm using JKSM Save Manager through Homebrew
  14. So I'm having trouble importing the Pokemon i created from pkhex to the game. I clicked export main and then chose overwrite my main file but when I go back into Homebrew I don't have the choice to import data. Is it possible for someone to help me???
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