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  1. Is there a way to activate past gen event/items into a game. Like getting a Red Orb/Groudon in Pokemon HeartGold in order to activate the Rayquaza Event in the Embedded Tower? Or getting an Enigma Stone to unlock Latios/Latias?
  2. Yes I am. Now I also saw something about Auto Legality within PkHex. Does that work the same way?
  3. Ok, I followed the guide and I think I did everything right. I created a plugins folder and dragged the files in that folder like you showed me. So is there nothing else to do after that?
  4. Where are the two Z3 files located?
  5. Nope I didn't do that. I did downloads the latest version of it tho. So afterwards I do what?
  6. Ok, well I followed the steps to display it but under tools "Display Raids" isn't showing
  7. Yep that's the picture I saw. So is it possible to use that to hack what I want in the raids in my game?
  8. I thought I saw a picture on the website where you can actually see the location of the dens in the game. Or is it just a Raid Parameter Editor box that pops up?
  9. So how does this new Raid Dens thing work in PkHex?
  10. Oh ok. Well I’ve done what you told me and the same message keeps popping up. I have no clue where to go from here. Thanks for the help tho.
  11. So I need to move the bootloader file from the .bin file that you linked me into the root of the SD card?
  12. Now my switch comes up like this. The file I injected was the Hetake .bin file but on the guide it says Hetake payload. That’s the same file right? Or did I do something wrong?
  13. Is there a tutorial on the website on what we need to download on our switch so that it's compatible with Pkhex?
  14. I tried using Checkpoint and it works!
  15. So I've hacked my "New 2dsxl" but when I go to JKSM on Homebrew it says "This Homebrew exploit doesn't have support for launching applications under target titles. Please use another exploit." Is there anyone who can help me out. Maybe I missed a step or something?
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