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  1. Okay so do you recommend I look up a video on how to use JKSV with Pkhex?
  2. Updated my Nintendo Switch and Atmosphere Files on my Nintendo Switch and downloaded the updated version on Checkpoint and every time I go to Album on my Nintendo Switch to open up the Homebrew menu I then go to Checkpoint and I get this error code. I looked up how to fix it and nothing is making any sense. Can anyone help me fix this issue?
  3. So I've played Gen 3 - Gen 7 on an emulator on my PC and they're just like the regular games that were released on GameBoys and DS's they're not modified/fan made at all and I was wondering if I were to transfer these Pokemon that I caught in these emulators to my physical copy of Pokemon Sword on my switch , would I be able to use them online or would my game notice they're from an emulator and prevent me from playing online?
  4. Gajeel

    File Too Large

    Ya I just saw lol. Thanks tho
  5. Gajeel

    File Too Large

    I'm trying to open my saved file into Pkhex and now it's saying it's too large. It's never done this before so I have no clue what to do. Can someone help me?
  6. I don't think so. It started doing the black screen when I updated my switch. Could me updating my switch be the problem?
  7. When my switch goes into RCM Mode and I load the payloads in , the atmosphere logo pops up and then it's just a black screen , I did some research and apparently my SD card is corrupted but not 100% sure if that's true. Can someone help me out here?
  8. Is there a way to activate past gen event/items into a game. Like getting a Red Orb/Groudon in Pokemon HeartGold in order to activate the Rayquaza Event in the Embedded Tower? Or getting an Enigma Stone to unlock Latios/Latias?
  9. Yes I am. Now I also saw something about Auto Legality within PkHex. Does that work the same way?
  10. Ok, I followed the guide and I think I did everything right. I created a plugins folder and dragged the files in that folder like you showed me. So is there nothing else to do after that?
  11. Where are the two Z3 files located?
  12. Nope I didn't do that. I did downloads the latest version of it tho. So afterwards I do what?
  13. Ok, well I followed the steps to display it but under tools "Display Raids" isn't showing
  14. Yep that's the picture I saw. So is it possible to use that to hack what I want in the raids in my game?
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