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  1. Not sure if this belongs here but I have a slight problem. I was trying to repack 3226.bin from 0/8/3 using the file_0000x files. However every time I run the game, in the same area the map is half loaded and no npc's are loaded either. Initially I did change the textures from the file_0000 contents and thought that was breaking it but I extracted those same clean files, repacked them without doing anything to them, and the same thing still happens. I've been able to change NPC textures on other places fine except for a few other which the similar thing happens.
  2. Here's my save that's right after the credits, boy save file. main after credits
  3. Does anyone have a save before mewtwo? I attached a complete save in case anyone knows how to edit flags. This one was supposed to have beaten E4 and already be granted access. Thanks savedata.bin
  4. Here it is, this save is only just after beating the 2nd gym, hopefully thats fine. If I need a full complete file let me know. Thanks! mainedit
  5. Anyone have a save file around this point in time when awakening legendaries? Thanks
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