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  1. There’s nothing in the error tab... and I’m using the latest its bizarre to say the least. It might be the decrypted ROM I’m using maybe. Though the game works perfectly fine in Citra... do I have to use the ZIP file or the unzipped version? I’ve been using unzipped and I can’t really use the zipped version as far as I know unless I’m dumb. i can’t figure out what’s wrong. I followed all the steps. I made a new solution. I named it, selected the DS Modpack from the drop down, put it in a location that has space, went through the wizard (which stopped appearing for some reason after a certain amount of times trying to create the solution) I saved the solution, and then there’s no directory tab under the solution explorer... I’m confused...
  2. Hi! When I extract my decrypted Gates to Infinity ROM and go to the Solution Explorer, Directories isn't even there... In fact, nothing appears in the Solution Explorer... Does that mean that there's something wrong with my ROM or am I just missing something?
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