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  1. Thanks a lot for updating! EDIT: 16 new attacks have been added! @theSLAYER
  2. Hello, @theSLAYER! How are you? Hope you fine! Sorry for update this topic but I was unable to send you a private message. Can you please update the GP1 Viewer and Editor? Niantic has detailed a number of updates coming to Pokemon GO and will bring more attacks and moveset updates. SOURCE: https://nintendoeverything.com/pokemon-go-details-upcoming-updates-to-the-combat-system-and-existing-attacks-more-attacks-and-moveset-updates/
  3. You are my hero! I'll give a try. Can you add more Brazilian locations as Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre?
  4. OK. Sorry! I will edit the post instead double posting. I still did not find someone to transfer the save, but I'm looking for in some groups in my city and hopefully I will find soon. Meanwhile I'm building the save file to speed the process. Are you an admin, right? How can I change my username in this forum? I'm unable to find this options in settings menu.
  5. After the 8.0.0 update you can move individual saved games between Nintendo Switch devices just transfering them.
  6. I'm creating a save to inject later in my LG game, but I don't have a custom firmware in my Nintendo Switch because sadly it cannot be unlocked, it's a new serial model. So I will give my custom save to someone import and later transfer to my Switch. I think it's possible.
  7. I have a lot of pokémon catched in this location but I have no way to extract my save. If I can help you, we can have a link trade and I send you a pokémon from this location.
  8. How can I insert a new location in GP1 Viewer and Editor?
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