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  1. so i wanted to give myself events in pkmn fire red so i used my r4 card (r4i rts 3ds) gba backup tool and when i put the save into pkhex it didnt work i noticed that it dosnt work for any besides sapphire version is there a patch program or another program to extract my saves bellow are all the save that are left on my sd card sapphire works nothing else does POKEMON_RUBY_AXVE02.sav POKEMON_SAPP_AXPE01.sav POKEMON_FIRE_BPRE01.jpg.sav
  2. this ones a fire red file cos i deleted the emerald file POKEMON FIRE.0.sav.sav
  3. no i dont own a action replay or gameshark why when ever i start it up it says could not find ini file i found the ini file and put it on my sd card and it still says cant find ini *fixed it* i put them both on the root of my sd card and it worked but still no response from pkhex
  4. im looking for a 3rd gen save editor so i can use the discontinued events in pkmn emerald ive tried pk hex and ciros pokemon maker and i extracted my save using gba tool with a r4i card ill attach my sav file to this discussion plz tell me if there is something wrong with it POKEMON_EMER_BPEE00.sav
  5. Version 1.0.0


    this save file is %100 legit i have 2 boxes of shinys and half a box of events enjoy btw idk if this will work on citra or pokemon ultra moon i havent tried
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