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  1. I can't really remember but I know my character is called Ash so it would lead me to believe to did the glitch about 19 years ago to get that one. But the others were definitely from the machine at the event that I went to which after discussing with my dad was confirmed to be the one in Ipswich, UK.
  2. Just checked and i got 5 of these Mews from the event I attended. Are these any good to anyone?
  3. Thanks, yes if it is working order I had planned to ask to post the cartridge to someone lol.
  4. Yeah was good fun at the time. This is the magazine it was from and on page 70 there is a very similar event to the one I attended http://read.ukprintarchive.com/EMAP/Nintendo Offical Magazine/Nintendo Official Magazine 095 (TGMG+OldGameMags).pdf/
  5. No it is not the Finland one but an event in either Norwich or Ipswich which was held by the Nintendo official magazine back in around 2000. You could battle other kids and their Pokémon and if you won like 5 or 10 games you could battle Tim who was the magazine's number 2. If you beat him and his articuno you could then fight the editor and his Mewtwo to get your pic in the magazine. Everyone who won the games could have their cart hooked up to a machine to get a Mew imported. I'm gonna try and find it this weekend lol, hopefully the battery hadn't died. Any monetary value associated with this?
  6. Wouldn't even know how to do this unless someone told me. So why are they of value if you can dupe the game into getting the mew anyways?
  7. Hi, I have 3 or 4 Mews from a Nintendo official magazine Pokémon event back in the early 2000 I think it was. Are these Mews of value to people then?
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