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  1. Can transparency affect the colour count? Since I don't have a program to count the colours (I'm using affinity photo and I this is the first time I've done pixel art), I counted the colours manually. There's 4 colours in the eyes, 4 different blues for the body, 3 different yellows in the belly, 3 for the grey outlining and 4 for the background, making a total of 18, unless the grey outlining don't count for colours? Also, almost all of my portraits are getting errors when I unpack them individually. the only ones not giving me errors are grin, shouting, dizzy, and sign (all with the lowest colour count). I don't know what i'm doing wrong...
  2. Hi There! I'm getting this error after I attempt to build my portrait and starter mod. System.BadImageFormatException: Too many colors in the image. I know the portraits can't have more than 15 colors, but horsea (the poke i'm modding for) has about 18 colors in its standard portrait. Is that the actual limit, or is horsea somehow an exception? Also attached are the portraits for horsea I have made. Horsea.zip
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