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  1. Somehow, I had not considered simply using cheat codes. I couldn't find a code in that thread, but I did find one elsewhere online. I tried it and it worked! Cheri gone. I must now make sure that new berries can grow. Should be much easier. Thank you so much for the tip.
  2. Hello, good people. I wish to pick people's brains here for a potential solution to a problem I've had for several weeks now. A friend of mine gave me his Emerald cartridge to replace the internal battery. When I did, everything worked fine, even the berries he had planted while the previous battery was dead even started growing, except one. A Cheri berry at the berry master's house on route 123 never grew. At this point I don't care about the crop, I just want the berry gone. I've tried everything I can think of from forcing the RTC forward with that "furlocks-forest" RTC reader program to using PKhex to reset the RTC and nothing works. I had even tried rewriting a script in an Emerald rom to try and get rid of it, then to remember I have to idea how to work a program like that. When I went digging on the internet to see if anyone else had run into this problem, while instances were sparce, I found 1 other person who encountered the same thing. Really spooky was that it was the same berry on the exact same tile as my friend's save file. Is anyone else familiar with this issue? Is it possible to somehow use PKhex to delete this berry or some other program someone knows about? I'm all open to suggestions that don't involve deleting the save.
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