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  1. I want to make my Magicarp the max height and weight. Do I check off Auto? Does a Magicarp in the wild even exist being that much weight and height or will people know that it's hacked? What is CP?
  2. Can I provide you my serial number and you tell me if it's hackable or not?
  3. Where exactly do I check if it's green, orange or red? The serial number on my Switch is printed in black.
  4. Can I check the model number in the system settings? How can tell if my Switch version is compatible with PKHeX? Please give me a detailed explanation. Also, can you get banned for hacking your Switch and using PKHeX?
  5. Is it possible that the latest Switch model can still work using PKHeX? I have no idea what you mean by 1012+, I assume it's the update file or model number? Why is it so difficult to hack now? Is Nintendo against this practice? If I have the latest Switch model, how do I supposed to hack my Let's Go, Pikachu game?? I'm out of luck? I remember Codejunkies provided us Action Replay which let us hack the old games like X and Y and Sun and Moon without any complications. I didn't have to worry about what 3DS model I had, I just needed the game cartridge and away I went. It was so simple and user-
  6. So I might as well buy digital Nintendo Switch games as I originally wanted since the saves aren't even stored on the Switch game carts anyways, right? It would be impossible to hack the game carts since they don't have any saved data on them, right? I really hope that people find a software one like you said. If they find a software one, we won't need to worry about having the latest Switch model to be able to hack, right?
  7. There's no way that I could hack with my Nintendo Switch since I only got it a month ago? I don't want to be stuck with an older model in order to be able to hack. So when the Switch Pro comes out, we won't be able to hack on that either? What about PowerSaves? Are Codejunkies going to make an Action Replay device for Switch games? Why is it so much more complicated to hack now unlike before?
  8. I got my Switch only around a month ago. I thought that PKHEX is user-friendly and accepted by Nintendo? Nintendo patched the Nintendo Switch to prevent us from using PKHEX? How else am I going to use cheats? I don't even think that Codejunkies have an Action Replay device for Switch games. :\
  9. Can I still hack my games like Let's Go, Pikachu! if I buy them digitally? I really hope so because I don't like swapping game cards all the time.
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