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  1. Because of what you said I checked everything again and found an error. Now everything works except for the the 3d model replacement but that's a minor issue. Thanks a bunch!
  2. Okay. You assume that I made some simple mistake patching the game or randomizing it? Are you familiar with the 4thgengamer's pk3ds tutorial? Is there some general consensus amongst you experts that its instructions are solid?
  3. I can load the basic game. Without any pk3ds edits, the game doesn't crash. I also figured out what I did wrong before and now I'm able to remove the starter and 3d model modification without removing the romfs edits. However, the game still crashes when the battle with Shauna begins. This is weird as this didn't happen before when I hadn't edited starters. I was able to battle her with my Froakie with a randomized ability while she battled with a randomized Pokémon. Any idea why this is changed? And why is it that the starter modification in particular seems so glitchy? What could I be doing wrong?
  4. So when I follow the 4thgengamer's tutorial on how to randomize 3ds games, I can't make the starter randomization work properly. They do randomize but first of all the 3ds models don't match the Pokémon I actually receive. Secondly and worse, when battling Shauna, the game freezes. This doesn't happen when starters aren't randomized. But worse yet, I can't seem to undo the faulty starter randomization. The 3ds models stay the same and I still receive randomized starters even though I don't touch the CROs and they apparently aren't part of my patched game. I've tried deleting the dumped game and dumping it again to no avail. I have no idea why the starter randomization doesn't disappear. Anyhow, as of now the game is completely unplayable, maybe even bricked. Can someone help?
  5. Randomizing starters also proves problematic. When I pick one of the 3d model starters, I actually receive a different Pokémon. For example, one of the model starters was Gengar but when picked it it became a Meowth. The same goes for the other two model starters. But it gets worse. When I proceed to the first rival battle, I get an error message and the 3ds has to shut down. This doesn't happen when I don't randomize starters.
  6. Hey guys. I just wanted to know if it is actually possible to randomize overworld field items in Pokémon X & Y. I just can't get it to work and can't detect any errors. Furthermore, I checked more than five Pokétubers' randomized X & Y series. In none of them, the randomization of field items worked.
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