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  1. Progress report 2: 100% Clean cia launch With and without patches with: no insta launch crash, crash when saving still happens. without: no insta crash when launched, No Save Crash Edit- I'm 90% sure something went wrong with the Randomization or I put WAY too many files in the Romfs folder than I should have... I'm gonna hide this thread and try to fix this tomorrow y eyes are starting to burn when I blink, I'm super tired and i've been trying to get this to work for the past 3 hours. If you got anymore ideas @theSlayer, send them over. Thank you for your help in trying to fix my issue brother.
  2. Progress report 1: 100% Fresh randomized launch Crash when save still happens Trying Clean cia to see if my game's busted, if so giving up
  3. i'll try that right now my dude it'll take me a little while gotta get rid of updates and get the save manager
  4. No, I have Omega Ruby installed I just had the Update for Alpha Sapphire (I Deleted Alpha sapphire to make room for other things, just forgot to delete the update for it), Also Deleting the Files for the randomizer also insta crashes the Game as I launch it. I'm sorry if I haven't been clear enough about what's installed and what's not. Btw- I tested having the Update installed and it still crashes when I save. but now I can open the Rosalina menu, at least once when I have debugger enabled
  5. Yes Un-randomized saves also have no idea what layeredFS on luma is, I'm decently new to the whole CFW & randomizing thing. Disableing patches will make Omega Ruby not even launch and force a shutdown. Edit- I may get the correct update and see if that fixes the crash.
  6. Playin on cia version update is installed for Alpha Sapphire but I will delete the update, Yes it is trying to make a fresh save. Edit-Just tried what you suggested with the update, still instantly crashes when attempting to save.
  7. When I attempt to save in my Randomized version of Omega Ruby it Always Hard crashes right after I hit yes to save. I am forced to Hold the Power button to turn off my 3ds the Rosalina Menu won't even pop up when I use the menu Combo. It randomizes perfectly and even randomized the Starters and trainers but when I save (And location doesn't change anything I attempted in multiple places) It freeze and play the music in the area I'm in even after the power is turned off for a full 5 seconds. I have no idea what to do now and I would love to continue playing my Randomizer farther than the first gym. And before you say "Use the search bar" I did and didn't find an answer to my problem. Then again I could've worded my around 15 searches a little better maybe. Still, any help is appreciated. (It could be the fact that I put a little too many files in the Romfs folder (I put all the generated files into the SD card)) Edit- Forgot to mention the fact that I waited 30 minutes on one of the crashes and nothing happened.
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