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  1. Hello ! I have one question about RNG Reporter, please forgive me for my English translation. This is a Wish Bagon wondercard , and i looking for a Impish nature. Which methode can i use in order to find the right PID for this Pokemon ? Thanks you ! French: Bonjour! J'ai une question a propos de l'outil RNG Reporter. Je cherche a modifier la nature d'un Draby évènementiel avec l'attaque vœu . Je le veux Malin, quels méthodes pourrait m'aider a trouver un PID avec la nature correspondante pour ce Pokémon ? Je vous remercie !
  2. I'm here because i need some help about how to patch a clean rom of Pokémon BW or BW2 with xdeltaUi , because , i want to play Pokemon Blaze Black or Volt White , but i cannot patch my roms ! I got this error message . I actually use a French rom . Maybe the application is outdated ? Thanks you (': (Please, excuse me for the English translation. ^^)
  3. Here is it, the new Pokemon , Meltan.
  4. (Sorry for my English) Surely, I'm not the first person who ask that , i have a 3ds hack , i can easily transfer my gen 3 pokemon to the newer generation but it's not the same thing for the two firsts generation . Can someone here to explain me why it's not works ? Thanks you very much ^-^ !
  5. Hi! I Don't know if this is the right forum to talk about this. I have a little issue about pkhex , i can't generate a pokemon with eggs moves , like crobat with brave bird. What i should do ? thanks you ?
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